The Day in the Life of Cinderpella May

The Day in the Life of Cinderpella May

Cindepella May is a dreamer who want to become a famous heart surgeon. She is the youngest of fifteen.To accomplish her dream, she needs to find for creative ways to raise money for the chance to become one of the recipients of a fully paid four-year scholarship.

The storyline is base on old childhood story and prom. The story is focused on a young girl who is raise by both parents that are Christians and want to raise their children to be everything they can with hard work.

1. The importance of be active in church, praying having faith, strong relationship with her church family, and reading her Bible daily.

2. Teach her valuable life skills she can live by.

3. Specific limits and responsibility.

4. How to be a leader not a follower.

5. How to use the latest gadgets to elevate themselves.

6. Follow her dreams don’t look for hand out they are not there.  

7. Good family values. This is for young teens and parents. Momma P's Patch Work Series

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